E280 Pre-formed expansion joint (10 pack)


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(10 pack)

65 x 200mm x 3m

E280 can be used for creating rolls on any ridge details, expansion joints on large roofs (50m2 or over) or to bridge GRP to felt roofs. Where necessary a sufficient gap in the deck should be cut and the trim then needs to be fixed to each end of the decking at 300mm centres. Ensure the join and fixing points are reinforced with Scott Bader’s woven glass tape (which is significantly stronger than chopped strand mat). The laminate can then be applied in the normal manner.

C5 caps can be fixed by applying a 6-8mm bead of Fix ALL adhesive to the inside edge of the overlapping trim and bedded in. The trims can also be bonded together for longer lengths.

The E280 trim is very useful when needing to bridge the GRP to a neighbouring felt roof. Where possible the adjoining felt should be lifted to slide the E280 underneath. Apply two 6-8mm beads of Fix-All adhesive on the base of the trim edge and on the top where the felt will sit. Use clout or ring nails to hold in place, while adhesive cures, any exposed edges should have a further bead applied to avoid water/ moisture ingress. The other side of the trim can be fixed and laminated in the normal manner.

Please note that E280 is also referred to as expansion joint and ridge roll for pitched roofs.