CrysticROOF CoolCure Resin (20kg)

Scott Bader

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Introducing the lower temperature curing resin - CrysticROOF® COOLCure

20kg Tin

CrysticROOF COOLCure resin is designed for use at low temperatures, it has been developed to have a quicker curing speed than the standard CrysticROOF resin.

CrysticROOF COOLCure can be used with the standard M catalyst or HB050 ‘Winter’ catalyst. Care must be taken when using the winter catalyst as it will reduce the working time of the material.

CrysticROOF COOLCure can be used in the same way as the standard CrysticROOF resin and all of the guidance within the installation guide should be followed.

CrysticROOF COOLCure can be used at low temperatures (recommended 50 C) however, it cannot be used when there is frost, ice, snow or moisture on the OSB3 or other substrates. Also, do not apply late in the day when the temperature is likely to drop rapidly.